Build-in Bathtub Installation Skills

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There are many bathtub types and sizes, including freestanding bathtub and the buil-in bathtub, general bathroom space will choose the build-in bathtub, this build-in bathtub is beautiful and generous, its process is more complex.
Step 1: Test whether the water is leaking.
Before placing the bath, we should test good water accessories, 24 hours close the water, see if the bath is leaking phenomenon, pay special attention to the overflow. Outside the bathroom, pour two barrels of water, try a good bath, the operation is more convenient.
Step 2: Bath leveling.
When placing the tub, note that the other end of the water outlet is slightly higher than the one end of the water outlet for poor air discharge in the future. This is subject to the circumstances.
The third step: fill the sand.
Cast iron bathtub is strong, but its thermal conductivity is very fast, should use the river sand, the bottom of the bathtub is paved, smashed real. After the end of all the work, should carry out water test again.
Step 4: Reserved maintenance entrance.
This is to facilitate the maintenance of the bathtub drainage system in the future. 
Cast Iron Bathtub

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