How to Use The Bathroom Faucet?

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Bathroom faucet use and maintenance has aroused people's attention, let us look at the use of sanitary taps method.
1.when the gas temperature is below 0 degrees, if you find the faucet handle abnormal, you must use hot water to heat to the normal.
2.after the closure of the faucet will appear dripping phenomenon, because the faucet cavity has residual water, it is a normal phenomenon. If a long time, indicating that the product has quality problems.
3.because the water contains trace amounts of carbonates, easy to form scale to corrode faucet surface, affecting the faucet cleaning and service life.
4.switch faucet do not use force too much, we should gently turn.
5.if the water flow is small, we should clear impurities.
Bathroom Faucet

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