How to Buy Cast Iron Bath?

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When we buy cast iron bathtub, according to their own bathroom size, pattern to choose, no matter how much like a bathtub, but the bathroom does not fit, there is no way. There are some tips about bath selection.
1.Comparison of thickness, you can beat the bathtub, determine the thickness of the bathtub, the greater the thickness of the bath, the more will not crack.
2.Listen to the sound. Buy high-grade bathtub, we can listen to the sound, try the temperature.
3.See the gloss. By looking at the surface gloss to understand the merits of the material, suitable for any kind of material bathtub.
4.Touch the surface smooth smoothness. Applicable to steel and cast iron bath, because these two baths are to be enameled, the plating process will be reflected in the subtle ripples.
5.Hand press, foot test firmness. The strength of the bathtub is related to the quality and thickness of the material. 
6.Choose bathtub passed 3C certified.
Freestanding Cast Iron Bathtub

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