Cast Iron Bath Maintenance Skills

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As the cast iron bathtub is easy to fade, the surface is easy to be scratched by hard objects, so the installation and use of the cast iron bathtub should be careful, so as to ensure its long life, the use of stable performance, we need know some daily cleaning skills about cast iron bathtub and cast iron sinks.
1.normally use a neutral detergent or soap and water to clean.
2.remove anti-skid pattern stubborn stains with a liquid detergent
3.for the dirt, red mercury, and other stains, first wipe with alcohol, then clean with liquid cleaning agent.
4.for the wax pen stains, shoe polish, wax stains, first wipe with industrial wine, and then use liquid cleaning agent.
5.for the grease or oil, can be wiped with nylon brush to clean.
6.for the rust, can be used to rust or nylon brush wipe and thoroughly rinse. not use the polishing instrument on the anti-slip surface. not use strong alkali or strong acid detergent, do not use abrasive cleaning agent.
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