How to Install A Cast Iron Bath?

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At the time of installation, according to the actual size of the cast iron bathtub, if it is build-in cast iron bathtub, build table with cement and bricks, exterior and skirt top plus tiles, the height just reached the bottom of the bathtub.
Then open the package, place the bathtub from the upper into the table, connect the sewer, this must be careful, from the equipment to connect a good sewer must pay attention to the bathtub and the surrounding.
We can give you a little advice in the bathtub installation method, in order to bathtub stability and extend the life of the bathtub, it is recommended in the bathtub, the skirt and wall contact with glass glue, we can effectively keep the bottom of the bathtub dry, thus extending the service life.
build-in cast iron bathtub

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