How to Deal With Your Old Cast Iron Bath?

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Cast iron bathtub pursue high quality. It is durable and widely used, can bring the bathroom characteristics and grade. The problem is that it is used for a long time, 
the surrounding area needs to be repaired or refurbished. If you do not want to throw away the bathtub, what should you do?
Here are some creative methods of people recycling cast iron baths, especially freestanding cast iron bathtub.
1. planting flowers: some friends raise flowers with a cast iron bath, some people use it to decorate the garden. And some people use it to grow flowers. 
2. Pond or fish tank: Properly clean the tub and clog the sewer, the cast iron bath can be converted into a backyard or a small pond.
3. Furniture:After a very creative cutting and welding, the cast iron bath can become a sofa, a chair or even a table! Breakfast at Tiffany 's movie has a very famous furniture from the cast iron bath.
4. Storage room: Why not put it in front of the corridor to place the umbrella, boots and even clothes and bags? We need such a storage room.

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