8 Steps Teach You to Determine The Overall Bathroom

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Step 1: Measure. Measuring the size of the bathroom and decorative style.
Step 2: Think. Should think of supporting products, the various accessories of the entire product, they should be harmonious and supporting.
Step 3: Select. Choose the right size of the bathroom products to determine the installation method and bathtub size and style.
Step 4:Look. In the strong light, carefully observe the surface of the bathroom product from the side. The surface is no or less trachoma and pitting, it is better. Such as cast iron bathtub, you can watch its glazed material and glaze process, good reflection of the light, so the visual effect is good.
Step 5:Touch. Can be gently rubbed on the surface by hand, feeling very smooth and delicate, it is well.
Step 6:Listen. such as bathtub fittings, we can be tapped on the ceramic surface, generally the sound knocked out by good ceramic material is relatively crisp.
Step 7: Compare. No matter what the product is to have a comparison, select the most appropriate products.
Step 8: Buy. You can buy products home.
Cast Iron Bathtub

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