Cast Iron Bathtub Features Introduction

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Cast iron bathtub is made of cast iron, and its surface covered with enamel, so It is similar to a general bath, but the weight of cast iron bathtub is particularly large, the use of low noise. The bathtub wall of the cast iron bathtub is very thick and therefore has a very good insulation performance, many consumers favor a large part of the cast iron bath is due to its good insulation performance.
Cast iron bathtub surface finish is very good, warm color, and cast iron bathtub is resistant to dirty, easy to clean, long life, good insulation properties. However, cast iron bathtub will be limited by the process in the color and shape, so the shape and color of the cast iron bathtub are monotonous, In addition, cast iron bathtub high weight is high, not handling and installation, but also the market price is also very expensive.
Cast Iron Bathtub

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