Advantages and Disadvantages of Freestanding Cast Iron Bathtub

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Freestanding cast iron bathtubs can be installed directly on the bathroom floor, no need to rely on a wall. This kind of bathtubs are convenient construction, easy maintenance, suitable for well decoration floor. Freestanding cast iron bathtubs have high requirements to bathroom space, which is at least more than 20 square meters.


Freestanding Cast Iron Bathtub


Advantages: With the features of smooth, gentle color, anti fouling, low water injection noise, easy to clean, durable, freestanding cast iron bathtubs can be installed and used without building a wall or table, which is very welcomed among the young. Iron and enamel is an extremely durable material, normally can be used for more than 50 years. Especially in some foreign countries, this bathtubs are used in many passages. The surface of the cast iron bathtub was treated through high temperature glaze processing, so it is smooth and easy to clean. The pleasant and arbitrary could not be given by extra ordinary.Disadvantages: Freestanding cast iron bathtubs have its "harsh" in the bathroom area, installation, and coordination of the surrounding environment. This requirements are destined to it belongs to the part of the crowd. The color and shape is not so much by technological limitations. Finally, it is heavy weight, installation and transportation is not easy.

Every coin has two sides. The freestanding cast iron bathtubs manufacturer will tell you these. Just choose the one you like.

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