Choose Freestanding Or Build-in Cast Iron Bathtub?

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Bath installation, we need to understand the form of the bathtub placed. General cast iron bathtub placement form has two kinds, they are freestanding and build-in cast iron bathtub, freestanding cast iron bathtub is put on the bath directly on the bathroom floor, build-in cast iron bathtub is the bathtub embedded in the table. How do you choose it?
Freestanding cast iron bathtub is simple to install. The installation of the inlet and outlet is the key issue. Before installing, prepare or modify the tub outlet and other channels, then place the tub on two pieces of wood, connect the water pipe, try to fill the water in the bathtub, check whether the water leak. If there is no leakage, you can remove the wood. This method is easy to build, easy to repair.
Freestanding Cast Iron Bathtub
The installation of build-in cast iron bathtub focuses on waterproofing. Under normal order, paved the ground; use foam brick to pad embedded bathtub, pay attention to keep the maintenance hole. Embedded bathtub access easy and convenient, suitable for the use of the weak.
build-in cast iron bathtub

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