Freestanding Cast Iron Bathtub

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Finding a comfortable bathtub but still fit a small bathroom, which is a challenge. If you want to choose a retro bath, you can have all the attraction of a freestanding cast iron bathtub, and have updated and lighter material. The old legs are made of very heavy cast iron. The recent acrylic version is easier to use and they will not rust. Because the jaw feet are independent, you will need to propose a way to cover or improve the appearance of the pipe.
Usually you will want to install the tub so that the pipe is hidden as much as possible. Do not use too harsh cleaning agents, and must ensure that any detergent residue is immediately rinsed to avoid damaging the surface. If you decide to use an antique cast iron bath, you must ensure that your floor is able to hold the weight. 
No matter how your bathroom design, claw-foot bath can make a good choice. Of course, do not forget to put aromatic bath salt.
Freestanding Cast Iron Bathtub

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