The Bath Need Check The Size

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As the manufacturing material basically determines the performance of the bathtub, so when we choose the bath, determine the appropriate size is very critical, from the manufacture of material to distinguish, generally divided into wooden bath, artificial stone bath, acrylic bath, pearl board bath and cast iron bath. Different materials of the bathtub has its own different characteristics.
Bath in the bathroom layout has two kinds, they are direct shelved bath, such as build-in cast iron bathtub, and freestanding bath. The direct shelved bath that is set bath aside by the wall, this way easy construction, easy maintenance, If the floor of the floor are well decorated, suitable for the choice of this bathtub. Freestanding bath is the bathtub embedded in the table, the table is conducive to the placement of toiletries, but its space is larger. 
Build-in Cast Iron Bathtub

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