How to Buy A Bathtub?

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The bathtub has become a necessity for home improvement, it is related to the quality of our lives, so we need to carefully buy the bathtub.
The best time to buy a bath before the floor tiles. Bath generally include "skirt bath" and "no skirt bath" two categories, the current market "skirt bath" has become the absolute mainstream. The bathtub is divided into ordinary steel bathtub, acrylic bathtub, cast iron bathtub, etc., in general, ordinary steel bathtub easy to clean, model is more single; acrylic bathtub shape rich, but shorter life, not easy to clean after aging; Cast iron bathtub has long life, high grade, but the price is higher, handling, installation are more professional. Bath accessories need to carefully selected, different bathtubs need different types of accessories, its role and significance can not be ignored.
Cast Iron Bathtub

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