How to Refinish The Surface of The Bathtub?

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For the surface of the bathtub, use a detergent and degreasing agent to clean the tub.
1.Grind the bathtub with sandpaper
Wipe the bathtub with wet sandpaper.  The reason for the following polished bathtub:
First, when you polish the surface, you will remove the dirt left after cleaning.
Second, when you polish the surface, the bathtub will have a good adhesion to the coating.
2.Use paint
Mix the epoxy resin and paint with a brush and roller. When you paint, there will be small bubbles on the surface, but when it is dry, its self-leveling performance will eliminate the bubble. Paint in the same direction. Brush a few layers of smooth thin paint.
3.Cracked bathtub corner
Cracked around the bathtub, the corner of the tile wall and the corner shelf around.
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