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With the sustained development of China's economy, China is gradually entering the leisure society, the middle class consumption is occupying an increasing proportion. The quality of the hotel, personalized demand gradually demonstrated. 
Guests specify the room to have a bath, it is not understood, they may think that just a bath, in fact, not so simple. Through the bath can treat a lot of modern civilization disease, these civilized diseases occur mostly in the success of the body, such as cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, waist and leg pain, skin inflammation, etc., Bath can effectively relieve the relevant symptoms, and even can be cured. So the hotel bathtub is the necessary configuration. Since the bath has so many benefits, then the bathtub is very important, especially cast iron bathtub, including freestanding cast iron bathtub and built-in cast iron bathtubnot only long life, but also has a great help for the human body.
built-in cast iron bathtub

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