Cast Iron Bathtub Origin

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There is evidence that a 1.5-meter earliest personal bath was found in Crete. The bathtub with the foot first appeared in the mid-18th century, the late 19th century is very popular, the design originated in the Netherlands, it may be based on Chinese art dragon holding the inspiration of Sarah. The design later spread to the United Kingdom, very popular in the British aristocracy, but also makes the bath become more and more fashionable, the British early to open the bathtub are often cast iron material.
In the 1880s Scotland inventor David. Buick invented the combination of cast iron and enamel in the bathtub at the Alexander factory in Detroit in the 1880s, In this way, David's company and others like Kohler, L.J Foundry began to produce cast iron enamel baths.
cast iron enamel bath

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